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Russian residents call out Putin after war is brought to their doorstep!   General Petraeus says Russian forces could 'crumble' as Ukraine counter offensive expected to run until winter. America must send long-range missiles and speed up the delivery of fighter jets to Ukraine, one of the West's most experienced commanders told the Telegraph.

Russia is under attack

Largest Ukrainian attack into Russia since the war began!

Ukraine brings the war to Russian territory!

The war will not be fought only in Ukraine.

Russia feels the pain too.

Russia burns!

(Photo - left)

Ukraine's counteroffensive making 'notable progress,' Washington says.

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President Putin proves he is still in charge by killing the best general he had - Prigozhin!

Ukraine use 'silent' new German Leopard tank on frontline

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Putin critic Alexei Navalny jailed for 19 years by Russian court.

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Game Of ???? Generals. Prigozhin is dead. What is happening in Russia? An exclusive insight.

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Ukrainian Intelligence Defense: Ukraine’s Most Secretive Operations

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Azov, KRAKEN, Da Vinci Wolves, 3rd AB, 72 Brigade, OFFENSIVE GUARD, Special Operations Force, Naval

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Ukrainian army release new footage of fierce fighting near Bakhmut

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Ukrainian forces destroy Russian tank duo in massive eruptions

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Putin invites Biden ‘for tea' as US-supplied ATACMS arrive in Ukraine

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